Quality Management Policy

Oss-nor follow the highest protocols of reliability required to operate in our industry. We pursue a strict policy to ensure the quality and trustworthiness of our operations and deliveries, meaning we function in compliance with standards set by classification societies, and national rules and regulations.

Oss-nor’s management:

  • Is fully committed to the quality Policy trough active participation in quality improvements activities and leadership by example.

  • Is responsible for establishing an appropriate quality management system and make sure that the necessary resources are present.

  • involves employees and suppliers in a way that assures both understanding and commitment for implementation of the quality management system.

  • Develop goals and strategies, and put these into action within own are of responsibility.

  • Development of goals for quality improvement and ensure these are achieved.

  • Prioritize a good working environment.

Oss-nor’s departments:

  • Knows, understands and identify with our policy - and main objectives.

  • Takes responsibility to satisfy the costumers demands and expectations.

  • Takes responsibility to assure the best quality of their own work, detect deviations and initiates improvements.

  • Contribute trough information from annual appraisals and employee surveys.


Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) Policy

Our main objective goals are:

  • Zero philosophy - avoid injury \, work related illness and damage to the environment and equipment.

  • Ensure secure working conditions and meaningful work situations.

  • Comply with laws, regulations and standards, as well as internal requirements.

  • To contribute to sustainable development.

  • Ensuring the highest possible reuse, recycling and proper waste management.

  • Reducing the energy, resource and material consumption to the lowest possible level.

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